Active Ibiza About Us!

Our team


Local consultant

For half a decade now, Artash has been helping visitors – and for that matter quite a few residents – make the most of the many activities this glorious island has to offer. 


Team support

Robert loves helping people have the best holiday of their lives. It’s not about money – giving our time, ideas and energy allows a sense of purpose and identity.



Villa Rentals

Andrew experience gained in developing and redesigning his house in Cala Jondal, and then apartments in Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia, gives Andrew a wide knowledge and understanding of the market and access to a broad range of local contacts.



Anthony has worked for international estate agency around the world, however he has chosen to make Ibiza his home. He enjoys meeting the varied visitors to Ibiza as well as working with the diverse property owners who are privileged to own a property here.

We know Ibiza so well and have built up strong links to many leading providers of sporting and recreational pursuits. Which means that by using our services you are assured that whether your interests are bike riding or horse riding, sailing across the waves or abseiling down a rock face, martial arts or tranquil retreats, Active Ibiza’s partners are among the best in their field.

Throughout the holiday season from April to the end of September, Active Ibiza maintains regular contact with every organisation providing their services through us.

Which is how Active Ibiza has successfully developed a productive network with the island’s hotels, concierges and most popular villas and retreat locations.

It is also why we have been able to establish enthusiastic agents across the island who promote and sell our products while receiving commission for their hard work.

Part of our company ethos is to welcome, in fact encourage, feed-back, comments and suggestions from clients such as yourself. It is by knowing and understanding our customers’ views and yes, the occasional criticism, that we believe we are best able to improve and develop our services to you.

At the heart of this family-based service are two brothers – Artash and Robert – whose somewhat different careers and experiences combine to complement each other in a very original but brilliant way.

For several years Artash was in the dance music business; first in London then here on the island. During which time he represented some of the world’s biggest DJs and club performers but eventually the constant crackle of the music world began to pale and the opportunity to help visitors discover exhilarating and life-enhancing pursuits proved to be a far more fulfilling option.

Back in Britain Robert, a former karate champion had originally trained as a professional diving instructor and for some time was teaching people from around the globe in the warm blue waters of Australia. But love and marriage intervened to take him to Ohio in the American midwest and into the very different world of major banks and high finance as chartered accountant.

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