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Active Ibiza can organise anything from a picnic lunch to a three-course meal. We will also make advanced bookings at Ibiza and Formentera’s best restaurants. Talk to us about all your catering needs.

No day out on an Ibiza boat charter would be complete without anchoring off at some world class beaches, dropping in to groovy, stylish beach bars and restaurants for lunch and maybe one or two sun-downers! The list below is far from exhaustive, but it contains some of the most popular beaches and restaurants for you to visit on your Ibiza boat charter. Remember that we can book you a table at which ever restaurant you want, just let us know when sorting out your charter with us.

Es Cavallete

  • Es CavalleteDistance from Marina Ibiza: 15 minutes by motor boat
  • Size: 1.1km long by 30 metres wide
  • Activities: Volleyball net
  • Facilities: Sun lounger/umbrella rental, beach shop
  • Beach bars/Restaurants: El Chiringuito, La Escollera, Chiringay

The fabulous beach of Es Cavallete is a great stop off on the way to or from Formetera on the day of your Ibiza boat charter. Anchor in turquoise waters, but beware not to venture too close to the shore with larger boats or yachts as there are a series of perilous reefs which come about 150 metres out to sea. These rocks make it very hard to get in to the beach, even by small auxiliary zodiac or RIB. So, if you want to enjoy white sand and beach bars on this beach, you might to have to swim in.

The beach is officially a nudist beach and it is the centre of the beach, backed by sand dunes where most of the nudists are to be found.

At the North end of the beach are a couple of really great restaurants, El Chiringito and La Escollera, both known for attracting the rich and famous. The other end of the beach is home to a thriving gay scene focused around the famous Chiringay. Past the gay beach, the sand turns to rocks that extend out towards Formentera. You can see the iconic Es Cavallete tower originally used to keep watch over the waterway between Ibiza and Formentera.

TOP TIP: The beach is very open to the prevailing summer Easterly winds (Levante), and is constantly battered with the wakes of all boats going to and from Formentera. This combo can make it a bumpy spot to anchor your charter boat. In fact, when the Levante blows hard, this is a popular spot for adrenaline junkies to practice the extreme sport of kitesurfing.

Beach bars in Es Cavellete, Ibiza

Es Cavallete has 3 excellent restaurants to choose from on the day of your Ibiza boat charter.

El chringuito

El Chringuito is known to have some of the best food found at any beach restaurant on Ibiza. Everything on the menu has been chosen thoughtfully to satisfy even the most discerning of customers.

The style of food found here could be described as modern Mediterranean. Start with your choice of light salads, exquisite Jamon Iberico or even sashimi to name just a few of the delicacies on offer. Choosing you main could be the toughest decision you make all day, but whatever you chose, you are sure that it is going to be delicious.

Dinghy service – Yes
Tel. 971 39 53 55 / 971 39 54 85

La escollera

Sitting at your table at La Escollera you are treated to gorgeous views of Formentera beyond your charter boat bobbing gently in the turquoise water. Excellent food and wines are to be found at La Escollera making it a great place to have lunch on the day of your Ibiza boat charter.

La Escollera boasts excellent rice dishes such as Paella and Arroz Negro. Their speciality Paella “La Escollera”, with lobster, comes very highly recommended, as does the “Gallo San Pedro” – John Dory baked in salt. Many of the recipes belonged originally to the owner’s mother and remain unchanged over the last 20 years.

Dinghy service – No
Tel. 971 39 65 72


Chiringay is the legendary gay beach bar located on the far end of Es Cavallete. Simple fish dishes and rice dishes are great here. Eat in the restaurant or have your food brought to you on your private sunbed. Definitely check out the fresh juice and cocktail menu.

Dinghy service – No
Tel. 971 187 429


  • Distance from Marina Ibiza: 20-25 minutes by motor boat
  • Size: 1km long, 30 metres wide
  • Activities: Catamaran rental, windsurf, kayak, pedaloes
  • Facilities: Sun lounger/umbrella rental, supermarket, lifeguards
  • Beach bars/Restaurants: Guarana, Malibu, Jockey Club, Sa Trinxa

Salinas gets its name from the 3000 year old salt flats which lay behind the beach and are still in use today. It is the southern-most beach on Ibiza and the closest point to the islands of Es Palmador and Formentera. The exquisite beach of Salinas is part of a nature reserve that spreads across to these two small islands.

Arriving at Salinas by boat you will see the long, white, sandy beach spreading for about a kilometer and a half with funky beach bars dotted along it. Sail your Ibiza charter boat to the turquoise water which extends about 500m out from the beach, throw the anchor into the clear water and jump in for a well deserved swim.

The prevailing summer winds blow cross-shore from the East (Levante) and the bay is usually very flat. With lots of space and no rocks or hazards in the water, Salinas is a very easy bay to navigate to by boat and a very popular stop off for our charters.

Top Tip: Where the beach ends and the sand turns to rock as you look towards the iconic Es Cavallete tower, tiny little sand coves appear in the rocks. If you are lucky you might find your own little private slice of paradise!

Beach bars in Salinas, Ibiza

  Either swim in to the beach or get dropped off by your charter yacht’s tender to enjoy some of the best beach bars the Mediterranean has to offer.


The first restaurant to open on the beach of Salinas in 1973, 40 years later, is still owned by the same Ibicenco family and to this day delivers top-notch food and service. Eat either in the restaurant, on your sun lounger, or on board your personal Ibiza charter boat.

The signature dish of Guarana is the black tagliatelle – definitely worth a try.

Dinghy service – Yes
Tel. 971 395 444


Sit in the shade of the palm leaves and treat yourself to panoramic views of the gorgeous bay of Salinas (and keep an eye on your charter boat!) or have your food served to you at your personal sunbed on the beach. Choose from a mouth-watering selection of Spanish classics as well as delicious modern dishes.

Also on offer is a range of snacks, fresh juices and cocktails. Something for everybody.

Dinghy service – Yes
Tel. 971 396 580

Jockey Club

The Jockey Club is probably the most famous restaurant in Salinas. With great food and pumping music, it’s no surprising that this is one of the preferred spots for celebrities from around the world.

Dinghy service – Yes
Tel. 971 395 788