VIP Jets!

Unmatched experience


At many airports, our private boarding lounges eliminate lines and simplify customs


We have the right solution to fit your unique travel needs


Any necessary maintenance is promptly and efficiently completed by federally licensed technicians to ensure your aircraft is accessible at all times

Advantages Flying On Private Aircraft

  • No lengthy layovers
  • Leave when you want
  • Have the entire aircraft to yourself
  • Have your pet sit beside you
  • Enjoy private lounges and terminals
  • Six-star service in the sky

How much does it cost?

Given the unpredictability over overseas travel, we can only give a rough price. Essentially, maxing out a private plane with people, depending on the size of it, could make it obtainable for some looking to experience a taste of the luxury life.

Do you really dodge the crowds?

There are plenty of misconceptions about private jet charter and how things work logistically. As a passenger, you have the ability to book your travel from a private airport which are dedicated to private jet traffic – although this comes at a higher premium. However, you can choose to fly from a major airport. Flying private offer an exclusive terminal for private travellers, allowing people to move swiftly through the airport with minimal contact with other passengers. There are no queues for security or other facilities where you would normally encounter large groups at commercial airports, regardless of which class you are flying.

When travelling private, you have your own cabin and space so you would never need to share – which is where the higher price comes into play. For some, it’s worth it.

Who is a typical customer?

A typical private plane customer is ‘extremely diverse and far ranging’. Private jets are usually hired to fly fewer than 20 people – perfect for those travelling for business or leisure. Many now see private travel as a safer alternative to avoid often cramped, commercial flights. Chartering is also a great option for customers and passengers who wouldn’t normally fly very often or want the easiest method of getting around, as you simply schedule your flight, pay and go.

Find an aircraft that fits your lifestyle

Light Cabin

Up to 7 Passengers
Up to 4.15 Hours Flight

Midsize Cabin​

Up to 8 Passengers
Up to 7.15 Hours Flight

Super-Midsize Cabin

Up to 9 Passengers
Up to 7.45 Hours Flight