Hot Air Balloon Ibiza
The Exclusive flight 4-6 people with friends or family

Offers an exciting and unforgettable shared experience. This exclusive flight is for 4-6 people, so we will have you and your group flying through the sky in no time. Enjoying views of the rural interior and giving you a new perspective on the coastline.

The group Flight Shared with other passengers

Lets you meet new and friendly people at altitude. Offering an unforgettable experience, because there is nothing like gliding across Ibiza for just under an hour.

Just for Two Flight

Creates an intimate and enjoyable experience perfect for an anniversary, birthdays, a marriage proposal and weddings.

Just for Two Sunset Flight

Enjoy an unforgettable moment, gliding above Ibiza allowing you to see the island in a magical way.

To put it briefly, our Hot Air Balloon flights in Ibiza are an unforgettable experience. Gliding across Ibiza for just under an hour, so you can enjoy the views of the rural interior and a new perspective on the coastline. Hot Air Balloon Ibiza are early morning because the temperature is cooler and the wind more stable.

So you’ll be able to enjoy amazing aerial panoramic views of the island with the guarantee that you’ll be safe and sound at all times.  All the balloons go through thorough technical and safety revisions demanded by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The only thing missing is your booking!

In summary the poet Rick Parise description of being in a hot air balloon captured the experience “Gentle and Easy the Hot Air Balloon did Float, Gentle and easy, Luminous clouds, I touch flight…Exquisite freedom”.

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Showing all 4 results