Get Glowing Yoga Retreat at Can Luminosa

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Available dates
June 2 / 6 Nights
June 30 / 6 Nights
September 1 / 6 Nights
October 6 / 5 Nights

Get your glow back in body, mind and heart. Learn about your energy system and how to expand, contain and focus your “prana” life-force energy – leave this retreat ready to embody and shine your light, with your spirits lifted and your mind clear and bright. Become your own energy master – for life – on and off the mat. Uncover the energy leaks and drains in relationships, career choices and life patterns which have been holding you back. Begin with magical morning bare-foot earthing meditations to release excess electromagnetic charge, grounding you and connecting you with mother nature’s healing energy. Explore pranayama breath-work techniques to calm, rebalance and invigorate your energy, embedded in a daily empowering practice of intelligent Vinyasa flow yoga and meditations on a journey through your 7 chakras. Gentle yet powerful Tibetan bowl sound healing enables you to experience the sensation of energetic vibrations whilst doses of Kundalini yoga practices enable you to move and transcend energy blockages.

How it happens

Become your own energy master – for life – on – and off the mat. Uncover the energy leaks and drains in relationships, career choices and life patterns which have been holding you back with 1:1 holistic wellness coaching. On arrival, lie back and receive revitalizing full-body holistic massage, then clear physical and emotional blockages if you wish with advanced energy healing treatments woven into (optional) tailor-made programs of complementary therapies. Daily “tune-ins” will help you reconnect with your intuition, your inner guidance system, to continue to make the choices that bring you what you need to thrive and spread the light. Nutritionist-designed revitalizing cuisine will enable you to feel light, clear and energized, with an interactive nutritional talk to ensure that you can choose the super-foods to spice up your food-wardrobe and optimize your diet easily. All is beautiful completed with back-to-life coaching for you to create new “sustainable energy” strategies with personalized yoga and meditation practices designed to empower your life.

To benefit you if you are

Seeking new ways to increase and maintain your energy levels NATURALLY

Interested in learning about the chakras, your energy system and to empower your yoga practice to flow with greater ease

Wanting to build your confidence, self-esteem.

Recovering from burn-out, adrenal fatigue, experiencing insomnia, depression or anxiety

Feeling highly stressed or physically tense

Recuperating from injury, illness or trauma, or are “blocked creatively & emotionally

Wishing to create a healthy home / family / work-life balance – where you can work, rest and play energy-efficiently

What’s included

Full board accommodation

abundant, nourishing, energy-optimising daily menu

a full-body holistic Welcome massage

1:1 holistic wellness energy coaching

‘Retreat Angel’ daily support hosts

Daily morning meditation

2 hours of daily yoga with pranayama breath-work

Daily / evening holistic wellness workshops

Beach yoga at a blissful cove

Sunset walk and cliff-top meditation

Supper out on the final evening (drinks are extra)

Personalised Back to Life strategy


A typical day

08.00 morning infusions, pre-yoga chia pots & sweet silence

08.30 silent earthing meditation in nature

09.00 morning yoga

11.00 detox smoothies & yoga / wellness Q&A

11.30 healthy, hearty brunch

12.30 nutritional interactive workshop

13.30 ‘Zen Time’ – relax, receive treatments

16.00 Healthy light bites & teas

18.00 Evening yoga or wellness workshop

20.00 A nutritious, abundant supper under the stars

Rest & digest – then Sweet Dreams!


Yoga levels: suitable for all

We ensure that the yoga we offer on our retreats is accessible to everybody, whether it is your first time on the mat or you have been practising for years. With a teacher and an assistant in every class, there is always someone there to help you with your alignment and some gentle hands-on adjustments and modifications when needed.

For us, the spirit of yoga is about being present in your own space. We invite our beginners to take it slowly, focus on the breath, rest where necessary and let the magic happen organically and in their own pace.

The yoga & meditation journey on the get glowing retreat

We begin with practices to ground you into your body and to deepen your earth connection, opening the root chakra, then Tibetan bowls to raise your vibrational state at a cellular level – they will enable you to feel and naturally heal, twists and hip openers to raise your Kundalini, support digestion, release toxic emotions and detoxify your organs. Activating your “Agni” inner-fire, we open your solar plexus and engage your core-connection, with series of balances to develop your inner clarity and mental and physical focus. Heart chakra opening back-bends lead into voice and breath led Vinyasa flows with Mantras and expressive breathwork techniques to open your throat chakra fully.

With a Kundalini yoga class you are invited to then dive inwards, invoking your Agni “third eye” intuitive chakra, inviting you to listen to your innate, body’s intelligence, to respect and honour your daily energy levels to feel and sense how you have the power to move and transform your energy. The yoga journey concludes with the crown chakra to connect you with bliss and infinite potential; this culmination of the retreat will truly leave you on a natural, lasting high!

About the food

Boost your wellbeing and nourish your system with a naturally purifying ‘clean-eating’, plant-based diet. But what does this mean? Locally sourced, farm-fresh produce is super-high in nutrients and full of flavour, you literally will be cleaning yourself to feel lighter and clearer in body and mind. Expect lots of hearty salads with inspiring dressings, tasty, flavour-filled quinoa, brown rice and lentil-based dishes, cold coconut soups and watermelon gazpacho, raw & slow-roasted veggies, yummy chickpea and beetroot dips, local free-range egg frittatas and omelettes, caprese salads with the tastiest red ripe tomatoes and goat or sheeps cheese. Explore flavours for all palates as our chefs spice up the cuisine with inspired influences from their own travels, where they have cooked and eaten their way around the world.

Fruit, nuts and seeds will be available throughout the afternoons, and you can help yourself to water or herbal tea at any time.

Can Luminosa

Fully renovated and ready for Spring 2018, with extensive internal and external improvements to this already stunning property. With incredible views across the island to the sea – on a clear day you can see as far as our ‘little sister’ island of Formentera, Can Luminosa is situated on top of a hill in the middle of the island, near San Lorenzo surrounded by its own private forest. The room types are as follows;

LARGE SHARED MASTER SUITE; a huge ‘L’ shaped room with two bathrooms, a private terrace and stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside and distant sea view. The suite is shared by up to three guests, each having their own double bed. An absolutely beautiful space for an authentic retreat experience.

LARGE SHARED TWIN; a large twin room with en-suite bathroom for two guests, each having their own double bed.

SMALL TWIN ROOMS; Can Luminosa has three standard twin rooms with en-suite bathroom, for two guests with a single bed each. All can be made up as double bed rooms for couples.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY; For guests who require more privacy or have sleep-related issues or disturbing sleep habits. For a reasonable premium, we can offer single occupancy rooms for one person in a double bed with en-suite bathroom.

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